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Many people don’t think about how much they depend on their water heaters until their appliances malfunction. If you want reliable and long-lasting water heater repair in Niagara Falls, there is no better choice than Superior HVAC Service! Our company specialises in providing the best service for electric and gas units. We work with many brands and models, including Whirlpool, Noritz and Bosch and more.

Our customers can always be assured of friendly, knowledgeable service from technicians with an excellent reputation and years of experience providing services available on the same day!

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All water heaters, no matter how efficient or modern they are, can fail with time. Our Niagara Falls water heater experts can address the following issues:

  • Cold water. The majority of the time, this issue is frequently reported. It could be caused by a faulty or incorrectly adjusted thermostat, extinguished pilot light, or a tripped breaker. It is recommended to speak with an expert if restarting the device isn’t working.
  • Leaking. A leak may be caused by a leaky drain valve. Tightening it may help. If it does not, you probably have a more serious problem and will need to replace the tank or the entire water heater.
  • The smell of water is unpleasant. This is usually caused by keeping hot water in the tank for too long. Switch off only cold water to determine if the issue is related to your device. To fix this problem our experts will wash and disinfect the water heater tank. You can count on our hot water heating repairs in Niagara Falls, no matter how serious the problem is.
  • Error codes. Even though you can solve some water heater issues, like error codes, by yourself, it requires expertise and knowledge. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you hire an expert to perform this task!

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If you’re thinking about repair of your water heater, you’re likely to be concerned about the cost. Many aspects affect the final cost:

  • The age of your unit. These devices are not designed to last forever and typically serve for 8 to 12 years. It’s cheaper to upgrade your traditional or tankless water heater if you need to repair it quickly in Niagara Falls.
  • Model and make. Certain models are more costly to repair. This is why there are fluctuations in repair costs.
  • The extent of the problem and the part that is defective. The cost of repairs depends largely on the type of breakdown and whether you need to buy new parts. Only a specialist can identify the problem and offer you an accurate estimate.

Our goal is to offer the fairest prices to our community. We provide attractive discounts, adhere to the principle of “no hidden costs”, and our experienced engineers will advise you on hot water tank repair in Niagara Falls!

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