Local water heater repair services are always around the corner in Napanee

emergency water heater repair Napanee

Whether it’s a tank or a tankless water heater, both can be integrated into HVAC systems to provide a consistent supply of hot water in our homes. Tank units are designed to heat and store a large amount of water at once, making it available when needed and consuming energy even when not in use. On-demand units, on the other hand, consume less energy and do not require separate storage units. However, they typically have a smaller capacity for simultaneous users.

Both of these systems can malfunction, but our Napanee water heater repair service can restore your comfort and fix any issues. Our skilled technicians use the latest techniques and high-quality tools to handle any problem, regardless of the model or manufacturer of your electric or gas device. We service Rinnai, Rheem, Ecosmart, Navien, Bosch, and other units. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online, and our local team can assist you on the same day.

What are the main tankless and tank water heater issues we repair in Napanee?

On arrival, our water heater repair team in Napanee will always conduct a thorough analysis of the malfunctioning HVAC unit to uncover the root cause of the issue that you can’t detect visually. This process allows us to execute complex repair work and resolve the problem right the first time.

  • There is no hot water. This is usually due to damaged heating elements/thermostats or a faulty flow sensor and blocked heat exchangers in tankless boilers. We will check and fix this problem by replacing the defective components and descaling the heat exchanger.
  • Water leakage. Depending on the type of unit you have, this problem can occur due to corroded tanks, loose connections, and damaged heat exchangers. We will fix the damaged components and tighten the connections on site. We may also recommend a tankless water heater replacement or repair in Napanee.
  • Error code. Most often, this problem can be caused by various factors – from a malfunctioning ignition system or thermocouple problems to blocked vents or sensors. Our technicians will determine the cause of the problem and take the right measures, whether it’s replacing parts and/or renovating them or adjusting the settings.
  • Strange odour. In instantaneous water heaters, this problem can be caused by bacterial growth due to sediment build-up in the tank. Additionally, strange odours in instantaneous water heaters can be caused by damaged vents and gas leaks. We will clean your tank and repair any leaks to eliminate the odour.

Our specialists will complete the work in the shortest possible time. A personal approach is guaranteed for each hot water tank repair in Napanee!