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Your HVAC system heavily relies on water heaters to provide hot water for various tasks. In case of mechanical breakdown or wear-out, our company offers affordable electric and gas water heater repair in Georgina.

With our experts’ 5+ years of experience and modern equipment, we can handle both tank and tankless appliances. The main difference between the two is that tank heaters have a storage tank that holds a predetermined amount of water at a set temperature, while tankless heaters use a heat exchanger to heat water instantly, eliminating the need for additional storage. Our experts can repair any brand or model, including Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, Ecosmart, and A.O. Smith.

What are the most common tankless and tank water heater faults we repair in Georgina?

We advise against trying to perform tank and tankless water heater repair on your own in Georgina. There are several reasons for this, including the possibility of injury and equipment damage. Additionally, it can void any manufacturer’s warranties. To avoid any potential problems, we recommend that you rely on our specialists, who have the necessary experience to handle the tasks below with ease:

  • Clogged filters and pipes. Water heaters are susceptible to damage and reduced water flow due to mineral and sediment deposits that build up in the pipes and filters over time. We will remove and replace the blockage or flush the system to remove it.
  • Defective electronic sensors. Remember that sensor malfunctions are caused by incorrect temperature or erratic operation, so this problem requires an immediate response. To repair a unit, our Georgina water heater repair experts will test the sensors and then replace them with the original ones.
  • Problems with gas burners. Most often, issues with gas burners lead to various unpleasant consequences, such as excessive heating, inconsistent heating, or complete dysfunction of the HVAC system. We will adjust or clean the burners and check for gas leaks to restore the efficiency of the heating system.
  • Gas valve malfunctions. This part controls the flow of gas and also provides reliable safety mechanisms. Its malfunction can lead not only to a “no heating” situation but also to irreparable consequences for your health and property. Our experts will examine the gas valve to identify the cause of the malfunction and determine whether the component needs to be replaced or repaired.

You can conveniently schedule an appointment online or call our 24/7 support for assistance. We provide affordable rates, genuine spare parts, and urgent hot water tank repair services in Georgina.

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