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A water heater is a necessary component of any HVAC system, and our company offers same-day water heater repair service in Cobourg. Our team of experienced experts, equipped with the latest tools, can handle both tank and tankless units. The primary difference between these two types of units is how they store and heat water. Tankless or “on-demand” water heaters use heat exchangers to instantly heat water without the need for storage, whereas a tank one is designed to maintain a fixed amount of water at a set temperature,

Our experts are knowledgeable in repairing all models and manufacturers of water heaters, including Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, Ecosmart, and A.O. Smith. We strive to ensure your water supply is uninterrupted, even in the face of mechanical or wear-out damages.

What are the most common tankless and tank water heater faults we repair in Cobourg?

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We do not recommend performing a tank or tankless water heater repair in Cobourg on your own. There are several reasons why it’s best to avoid attempting to fix devices yourself, including the risk of injury or damage to the device. Additionally, attempting to fix the device yourself may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Entrust device repair tasks to our professionals, who have the expertise to solve any problems.

  • Clogged pipes and filters. Minerals and sediment that build up in filters and pipes can cause damage to water heaters and reduce water flow. We will clean and replace any blocked elements or flush the system to remove the blockage.
  • Failure of electronic sensors. A faulty sensor results in inaccurate temperatures and inconsistent operation. This problem needs to be addressed immediately. To fix the problem, we will inspect the sensors before replacing them with the original ones.
  • Gas burners can be troublesome. Problems with gas burners can cause several undesirable consequences, such as heating problems, overheating, or even a complete malfunction of the HVAC system. Our Cobourg water heater repair experts will adjust or clean the burners and find gas leaks to ensure the heating system’s efficiency.
  • Gas valve malfunctions. This device regulates the flow of gas and provides reliable safety mechanisms. Failure of this component can lead to a “no heating situation” and irreparable consequences for your health and property. Our experts will examine the gas valve to determine the cause of the malfunction and decide whether the part needs to be replaced or repaired.

You can make an appointment online or contact our 24-hour support line to get help. We provide genuine parts at reasonable prices as well as emergency hot water tank repair services in Cobourg.

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